Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Date

Like much of the rest of the country, we got hit by the big Snowmageddon on Wednesday. Here's the view off our back balcony right at the end of the snowfall:

 I don't know exactly how much snow we got. It varied throughout the state, but we were under some big unmoving band for a while, so our specific area got more than others. In our town, I think we got somewhere around 26-28" from what I heard on the news and what I could tell by looking. See the pile on top of the a/c compressors to the right in this photo:

It was definitely at least 2 feet, and regardless, it was a lot. So we were all stuck in the house, though Marty worked from his home office (our bedroom). Rather than be stuck inside all day, Linsey and I decided that we had to take the kids outside to play in this historic snow. If nothing else, we'd get a few good photos, and maybe they'd tire themselves out enough for good naps. So, in essence, the kids had a snow date (awwwwww)!

 Waiting for his favorite girl.

 Cheesy Grin!
 There she is!

 Oliver and Annabelle bravely trek toward the back lawn.

 Oliver, my wimpy son, holds on to Annabelle, a 10 month younger girl, as they are confronted with a pile of snow that is almost taller than they are.

 Look how far we've come! Probably three whole feet!

 And, they're done. Or more correctly, Oliver was done. Annabelle wanted to keep on trying for the remains of the snowman from a previous storm that was out of frame to the left.

 It turns out that what Annabelle was really most interested in was eating the snow. Well, it was about snack time. She's a cheap date. There was a lot of snow, and it was free!

 Linsey to the rescue!

 The sure sign the date was almost over: she removed her mitten . . .

because it's easier to eat the snow with a bare hand!

All done!

Back inside, they warmed themselves by the fire computer.

Oh, and yes, we spent more time getting them bundled up than we spent outdoors.


  1. Not a Wimp! Just a gentleman helping her through the snow! :) nee nee

  2. Love it :) Thanks
    - Linsey