Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being Silly for the Camera

This sequence of photos cracks me up, and is among my favorites that I took over the holidays. Probably because I took so many, Oliver was getting quite good at either posing or more often, putting on the cheesy grin. I do believe the cheesy grin was a constant theme of this trip. Here, Oliver and Daddy ham it up for the camera:

 I think she wants us to pose. Should we?

I have no idea what this face is, but I think it's hilarious that they are both doing the same thing.

 Awww, love!

I actually think Oliver got distracted by the TV here, while Daddy was finally trying to give me a nice picture.

 There it is! Cheesy Grin! No, I did not tell them to do this!
Mommy gets in on the fun.

Cheesy family.

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