Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas, Part 3

Late on the night of New Year's Day, we returned "home" to Connecticut. Oliver went right to bed and dreamt of sugarplums while Santa made a special late trip to drop off the last of his presents. Santa's elves must have stayed up very late preparing everything, and were probably exhausted after their long day of traveling!

We were awakened late the next morning, thankfully Oliver was still on Central time, and apparently tired from his trip too. We made our way downstairs, expecting screams of delight and excitement at the sight of new presents. He was actually quite subdued. He saw a new train set all put together elaborately on the table, and just said nonchalantly, "Oh, toys." Then he saw all the stacks of presents from both Santa and Mommy & Daddy, and said very quietly and repeatedly, "Can't open presents." I'm not sure what this meant, except maybe when he first saw the presents at our families' houses, we couldn't open them right away, but had to wait. So maybe he thought that was true here too? Anyway, we let him open them, and he did get excited as he saw each new gift, but was quite subdued through the whole thing. Maybe he was all Christmased out? Or worse, maybe opening presents was becoming such a common experience, this was no big deal anymore?! More likely, I believe, is that he was just tired, as were we all, from all the traveling. As the day went on, and he played with each gift, he became more excited. And then again a week later, when all the boxes of presents that he had opened elsewhere arrived; it was like yet another Christmas!

Here are some highlights of our quiet, but nice, little family Christmas.

 His big gift from Santa, a train set! Most of the trains came from various family members as Christmas gifts, but Santa gave him the tracks and accessories.

 His tower of gifts.

 Another puzzle!

 Blocks! They're all mixed up here, but his big gift from Mommy & Daddy were the standard unit blocks, and my mom (Nee-Nee) got him the Architectural set (the ones with the columns and other details). 

 Pausing from building to read his Curious George books.

 Surrounded by his gifts.

 Later that night, playing with blocks with Daddy.

Thumbs up to a great Christmas season!! Oh, and Happy New Year! Go Bears!

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