Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Eve

We started New Year's Eve with a visit to the Butterfly House on a stormy day, and ended it with a nice dinner with family and friends and passing out before midnight. What an exciting life we lead!

 Grandma Linda and Oliver checking out the bugs.

 Oliver enjoyed the huge display of cockroaches. Mommy did not. Reminded me of living in Florida!

 Daddy and Oliver looking at the scorpions. You know they're bad when they put a case inside a case!

 The Butterfly House was beautiful, gorgeous plants, and tons of butterflies. Thus, it was also very humid, and my lens fogged up. I thought I got it wiped off enough, but apparently not. Think of it as artistic effect.

 Grandma Linda and Oliver
 Daddy and Oliver, and the cheesy grin, ride the carousel in the park nearby.

 Note the growing storm clouds out the window. This was when the tornado sirens started, so we left. We were parked in a gas station parking space (safe during a storm, right?!) when the bad winds hit. We were very lucky, as there were tornadoes in other parts of town.

Back at the house, Oliver became obsessed with weighing himself.

 Hanging out before dinner.

 Family friend Deenie helps with the puzzle.

 Seriously, does this sweater make me look fat?

 My own little Jackson Pollock, making art with pudding.

 He told us he was drawing a doggie, so Deenie tries to find it.

 Love pudding!

 Don't you see the doggie? It's right there!

 Bob and Oliver became fast friends, which is unusual for Oliver who cried and clung to me at the sight of strange men the whole trip. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but just after this, Oliver took Bob by the hand and made him walk around the Christmas tree with him. 

 Riding the horsey with Deenie.

Oliver's bedtime came long before midnight, so he said goodnight. He even gave Bob a kiss! Friends for life!

And thus ended our holiday travel. We loved getting to see lots of family and friends and celebrating the holidays together. Thanks again to everyone for a great time!

The next day we flew back to Connecticut, where Santa made a late stop, and we had our own Christmas celebration. Highlights to come!

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