Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bragging Rights

Because if a mother can't brag on her son, then who can?

I have lots to brag on Oliver about today. First, I know you're all dying to hear about it, but we did have a great potty training day. He got 6 stickers, and 2 accidents, one of which was just a little dribble before he made it to the potty. The big one was during dinner. He'd been asking to be "all done," and we kept delaying, and while I think he should have been more specific and said "potty please," it is partly our fault. We were starting to clean up when he suddenly said, "I'm peeing!" So, the load of laundry tonight included his highchair cover! But overall, he did great about telling me when he needed to go, and actually kept a Pull Up dry during music class. We'll have a full day to work on it tomorrow, since it appears another snow storm is headed our way.

Our other great news is that Oliver has been asked to attend a second day of his Mother's Day Out program! They had an opening because of a family moving away, and the director called and asked me if we were interested. She said his current teachers just love Oliver, and that the other teachers (that he'll have on his second day) had heard all about him and were so excited to possibly have him in their class! She said they love how he entertains them all with his singing and dancing. She said he sings show tunes! Show tunes? We don't sing any show tunes. I guess it must be songs from his music class that they mistake for show tunes. The only other one I could think of would be Skidamarink ("Skidamarinky dinky dink, skidamarinky doo, I love you...."), which we sing at home sometimes. Maybe that's from a musical? Anyway, I digress. She also said he is a delight, well adjusted, smart, fun, and well behaved. Wow!!!! So they thought of him when the opening came up. Of course they did. Who wouldn't want more Oliver?! So we're doing it. He loves going to "school," and I think he really gets a lot out of it. So now he'll now be going two mornings a week, which means I get another 4 hours off!!

Finally, before music class I was telling his teacher that he woke up this morning (at 6:15, ugh) wanting to sing songs from one of the song books from last year's class. He's very obsessed with the song books that go along with the class, he loves looking at the music while we sing. So when class started, his teacher used that as an example to show how learning music helps literacy, etc. I was so proud of my smart boy. For about 10 minutes. Then he threw a fit because she wasn't singing the songs in the order they come in the book. So, maybe he's a little too obsessed. What can I say, we all know how much he likes things in order! Okay, so he's not perfect, but I'll brag about him anyway.

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