Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas, Part 2

Our next stop was to St. Louis to visit my side of the family at my stepmother Linda's house. My aunt and uncle from Indiana were visiting too, so we had a late Christmas celebration with lots of food, wine, and laughter. As always, everyone was generous with too many gifts. Here are the highlights of our belated festivities . . .

 Playing with a favorite new puzzle while  the adults were enjoying happy hour.

 Happy hour might have gone on a little long, but he's great at entertaining himself!


 Oliver helped pass out presents. Check out that gorgeous fuzzy ribbon I found to wrap gifts with, so much fun, despite the fuzz it left everywhere.

 Oliver waiting patiently for his turn. In our family, the tradition is to open one present at a time in order of age, youngest to oldest. Actually, I was impressed with how patient he actually was. No whining or tantrum throwing, he seemed to understand that we were taking turns, and waited for his. The only evidence was in his body language, but it did make for some fun photos!

 Grandma Linda opening one of our gifts. It's not a party until a red fuzzy ribbon lands on your head!
Finally, Oliver's turn!

My brother Bryan and his wife Lysle waited patiently for their turn too.

Oliver, waiting again.

Aunt Bonnie, striking a pose.

Hooray, my turn again!

My favorite random photo from some point in the evening. Yes, I  love that he loves the piano, but I think my favorite part of the photo are those adorable feet! 

More to come from St. Louis!

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