Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas day was jam-packed with fun, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. Lots of pictures!

 We woke up Christmas morning, and after making sure everyone was up and cameras were in position, we made our way upstairs. Oliver quietly examined the new toys that had appeared over night, including, this car ramp thingy.
Yes, I know he's wearing different pajamas than when he put the cookies out the night before. You don't wanna know why.

 And a Lionel train set! Note the empty plate of cookies and milk behind him by the fireplace. Once he saw that (sorry, I didn't get that on camera), I saw a little sparkle of magic in his eyes, and the sudden realization, "Santa really did bring me presents and eat the cookies I left him!"

 Showing Daddy how it works.

 There it is, the Elmo that he asked Santa to get him for Christmas!

 Not sure if you can tell, but Elmo carries a boom box and wears headphones, and Oliver gets to choose which song plays and sing along with the microphone. Mommy wants to know if it comes with headphones for the parents, you know, the noise-canceling ones.

 Checking out his stocking.

 A hockey stick!

 He was very intrigued by the View-Master.

Later that day, watching his favorite show of the season, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

 He had to "read" along in the book every time he watched it.

 He knows the Grinch gets nice in the end, but he still had his hockey stick to protect himself.

We decided it would be a great day to go sledding, but when we asked Oliver if he wanted to go, he kept saying, "No." No matter what angle we tried, "No." He knows what sledding is from some books, but I don't think he really gets it. He was getting frustrating, so we all just said, "We're going out to have some fun, dammit!" And we did. Even Oliver. I couldn't help but take tons of pics, they were having so much fun.

 Just before his first descent, Oliver looks a little unsure.

 But as soon as they took off, he got a huge smile on his face that lasted the whole time they were sledding.

 All the way down to the river . . .

 and hiking back up!

 Round 2. This time, Grandma joins in the fun.


 Grandma and Pop-pop take off . . . 

 and make it halfway down the hill before the sled just stopped!

"Do it again!" Round 3

 Look at that face!

 I love it!

 Round 4, this time, on Daddy's back!!

 There they go!

 And back up the hill again. 

 For Round 5, Grandma joined in again, this time on Pop-pop's back!

 Hold on tight!


 I'm pretty sure I heard screaming!

 There they go!

Then Oliver spotted the playground, so we were all done sledding.
 Pop-pop showed Oliver how to make a snow angel, but he didn't want to give it a try.

 He went down the slide instead. Note that his mittens are covered in snow.

 Then Pop-pop showed off his swinging skills,

 and demonstrated how to jump off. I'm not sure who had more fun that day, Pop-pop or Oliver!

 But it was only a matter of time before those wet mittens got to him.

So he took them off, which made his hands cold. So we were all done and climbing the hill back to the car to go home. I'm thinking I need to invest in some waterproof toddler mittens!

~Intermission for naps and food~
What I didn't get captured in pictures is the yummy prime rib that we had for Christmas dinner that evening. We almost ruined it, but it actually turned out to be quite tasty.

 Following dinner, we opened the rest of the presents (the morning was just Santa presents). That big stack is for Oliver. No, he's not spoiled at all.
 Oliver got a hockey cap to go with his stick.

 Pop-pop and Uncle Dan loved all their gifts.

The only item of clothing that Oliver enjoyed opening. The rest he tossed over his shoulder as if we were wasting his time. Someone better teach him some manners!

I won't bore you with all the present opening pictures, suffice it to say that we all loved everything, and everyone was too generous. It was the end of a very long day, and a great Christmas. 

But there was more fun to be had and more people to visit, so I'm not finished with the recap of our trip yet! I know, you can hardly stand to wait for the next installment!!

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