Monday, January 17, 2011

Potty Training, Round 2, Days 2 and 3

I am very encouraged by the progress we are making so far! Check out this sticker chart:

(Excuse my paper overlays, we're working off the same chart from August, but I wanted a clean slate).

We officially started on Saturday, but I didn't want to waste that piece of paper, so we put this week's on the same page. I guess we'll double up when we get to Saturday again. Oliver has been doing great though!

On Day 1, he went through 6 pairs of cotton training pants before lunch. Then he and Daddy went to an indoor track meet so I sent him in diapers. After they were there a while, he told Daddy he wanted to go home to pee and nap! And then when they got home, he did! Slept quite a while actually, thankfully. That evening, he had more successes, ending the day with a total of 5 stickers (one sticker=actually peeing on the potty, but only if pants are dry). Went to bed in diapers.

Day 2, woke up wet. Went right into training pants after a morning pee on the potty. For the entire day, only 2 accidents! But the biggest success was that he pooped on the potty! Unfortunately, he didn't ask to go, but went to his favorite "hiding" spot between the end table and the sliding glass door, but I caught him before much came out, and rushed him to the toilet, where he unloaded the rest. That called for a big celebration, so new rule, 2 stickers=pooping on the potty! He was much better about asking to go potty before he had an accident, and actually peeing when he was on the potty, unlike the last round, where he was constantly asking to go potty, but never peeing, all in an effort to get stickers. We were also better at reading his signs and asking if he needed to go at appropriate moments, rather than just randomly, or every 2 minutes (which gets old fast!). We did make a run to Target and the grocery store, and put him in diapers for that and naps. Sunday's total was 8 stickers (2 for poop), 2 accidents.

Day 3, woke up a little wet, but cranky, so I let him hang out in his diaper until he felt better. He's been enthusiastic about going on the potty all day, and has only had one accident. He's had another poop, and this time he told me, "poop in potty?"! Today we definitely had more of him telling me he needed to go than me asking him. End of the day tally: 11 stickers (the photo above was taken this morning), 1 accident!

I hope I'm not speaking too soon, and I'm fully prepared for a rebellion day, but this time feels so different from the last attempt in August. He seems to get it this time, which he should, he's older. But he's also more interested. Last time we had the Elmo's Potty Time DVD, but he only watched it once and never wanted to again. This time he's watched it every day at least once, and asked for it multiple other times, but football was on (go Bears!). He's getting out his potty books too. And best of all, since the first day, he has only occasionally asked for his incentive toy (the Cars Lego set), and with that look on his face like, "I know I'm asking you for something I can't have," and no tantrums. I really truly believe that what "everybody" says is true, it works when they're ready. I also believe that I am more relaxed about it this time. I hope it doesn't backfire on me later, but I'm not stressing about putting him in diapers every now and then when convenient (for example, going to the store). I decided I was not going to make this a battle or an ordeal. I'm going to see how he's doing, and if we go to My Gym tomorrow (weather permitting), I'll probably put him in a Pull-Up, since they have a bathroom right there. And I'm not worrying about naps until I think he's really doing well during waking hours. How can I expect him to stay dry during naps or bedtime if he's not staying totally dry when he's awake?! I know the hard core advice is to go all the way, and deal with the consequences, that's how they learn. Well, I want him to learn to understand his body signals while awake before I put him down to sleep without a diaper or pull-up on.

So hopefully my next update isn't another "we've given up" post, but I'm feeling confident that we're on the road to success, yay!

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