Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

Oliver had last week off of "school" for Spring break, so he and I spent the last ten days at my mom's house in Indiana for our last big trip before moving home. It was probably his last plane ride for a while, but it was my first alone with him and without our car seat. He's a seasoned pro, and did great on both travel days. He even stopped and took off his shoes at security without my asking! I brought along some surprises to keep him happy during the flights, but we've flown so many times, he now expects it. While we were waiting to board the first plane, he said, "Get new sticker book on the plane!" So much for surprises!

We had a very nice trip, even though it seemed plagued by unexpected events. My mom had a reaction to her antibiotics, and then a root canal, so I played nurse for a day. It was easy though, she was so drugged up (they had sedated her) she slept all day and the rest of the time was hilarious until the drugs wore off. It rained or stormed almost every day. We had one night where we had to carry Oliver into a closet because the tornado sirens went off, then we lost power, lasting through the whole next day because a tornado had hit another part of town. Then we lost power again on another non-stormy day, for no reason at all, and cable another day! So much for vegging by the tv. We finally got a gorgeous, sunny day, so we took Oliver to the Ft. Wayne Zoo, only to drive an hour to find that it was closed, and re-opening two days later. Then my uncle fell ill and was hospitalized. Uncle Dale, you are in our thoughts and prayers! We were glad to be able to be there to give Aunt Pat our support, but wish we could have visited them under happier circumstances.

Of course, I took lots of pics, so I'll post them over a few days. Today's theme: hanging out at Nee-nee's house.

 Marty's parents drove down to visit Saturday and Sunday. Grandma and Oliver are reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas together. It is now Oliver's favorite book, and he knows it by heart and recites it. All of it. It is amazing and hilarious. He is currently up in his room not napping and reciting it.

 Pop-pop and Oliver looking at his new dinosaur magnets, and naming them. This is his other new obsession. Ever since we went to the Peabody, he has been crazy for dinosaurs, and knows more of their names than I do.

 Doing a big firetruck jigsaw puzzle with Grandma, yet another favorite.

 Hanging out in his "room" with Pop-pop. His room is my mom's walk in closet, with a twin mattress at the end. He loves it.

Riding his new Big Wheel in the garage. 

Walking with Nee-nee to get the mail on a cold and wet day. Compare it with this photo taken last summer, such a difference! Where is Spring anyway?!

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