Friday, April 8, 2011

A Special Outing

I brought home a Connecticut Kids magazine one day last month, and was flipping through it and came upon an ad for a Sesame Street Live show nearby. Knowing Oliver's love for all thing's Sesame Street, Marty said, "We should take him." So we checked it out, and it was coming the weekend before his birthday, so we thought it would make a great present. But the dates also coincided with my aunt and uncle's visit. So Marty said, "I'll take him." After I picked my chin up off the ground, I said, "Okay!" I mean, this is the guy who, upon learning that there was going to be a Day Out with Thomas event this Spring said one of his infamous, "I'd rather have my toenails pulled out" lines at the prospect of an event full of toddlers. So before he could change his mind, we went online and bought tickets.

We decided to keep it a surprise from Oliver, who was very interested every time the commercials ran on tv, which seemed constant in the weeks leading up to the event. A few days before, we told him he and Daddy were going on a very special outing. Finally, the day of, in order to get him dressed, Marty told him where they were going. He was thrilled!

So, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Terry and I went shopping and to a yummy lunch, while Marty and Oliver saw 1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo and Friends. Here's all you need to know:

 People in big furry costumes. (Shouldn't Big Bird be twice that size? The scale is off and that bugs me.)

Marty said Oliver didn't move from this position the entire 90 minutes. Yes, he looks slightly afraid, but I think he's just got his tv face on. No getting up to sing and dance. Just fixated on the stage.

When he came home, he was all excited that he got to go to a "concert," so I guess he did figure out that it wasn't a tv show. And Marty survived. Guess that means I can book those Thomas tickets now!!

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