Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Change of Plans

As we watched the weather forecast each day, it looked like Thursday was the only day, in the 10 we would be at my mom's, without rain. So we planned a trip to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo, one of our favorites. Sure enough, the day came, and the sun was shining. We were so excited! We didn't even tell Oliver we were going, just in case the weather had turned out bad. We were meeting my aunt Bonnie and uncle Terry for lunch before the zoo, so we told him then. He screeched and stomped his feet in happiness. We all drove over together, and as we approached the parking lot, we saw a sign saying Opening Day, April 23. Uh-oh. It was the 21st. Noooooo! We had just told Oliver! We pulled into a parking lot, to try to figure out what to do, and told him the zoo was closed. "Why?" he asked (it's his favorite question these days). I held my breath for the tantrum to follow, but saw that there was a playground, open, just down the street. So I said, "We're going to a playground instead. We'll come back to the zoo another day when they're open." He completely surprised me by not crying at all, but by saying, "Oh, a playground!" Phew!!

So to make it up to him, we spent a long time at the playground. It was a gorgeous day, so why not. There were lots of kids there, and he just made friend all over the place. It was so funny! I guess school has really socialized him, because he just attached himself to a group of mostly older kids who were running around chasing each other and running from a "monster." He had a blast. At one point, he even tried to talk up this cute little blonde, but she wasn't having anything to do with him. I love that he's so friendly, because he can be shy at times, but not nearly as shy as I was as a kid.

 On the jungle gym, my serious little man.

 Head in the clouds.

 Going down the slide.

 Taking a break for a Scooby Doo ice cream bar, bought from the ice cream truck. I don't recommend it. That brown circle around his mouth did not come off even with wipes. There was so much dye in it that it stained his skin!

 But he didn't care. Yum!


 Going down the tunnel slide with aunt Bonnie. Yes, she went down it too!


 Inside the pink tunnel.

 Peeking out of the pink tunnel.

 Emerging from the pink tunnel!
Serious face. I think he saw some kids having fun without him.

Walking the balance beam all by himself.

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