Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Wonderful World, take 2

Oliver has become quite obsessed with our computer lately. Lately? Who am I kidding, he's always been a fan. But now he can do stuff on it. All by himself. It really is quite scary and amazing to see what a 2 year old can figure out, and how quickly. We try to only let him on certain areas of the computer. Right now, he loves the Paint program, which is a whole other post soon to come. When he gets tired of that, he usually moves on to Windows Media Center to look at our archive of photos, mostly of himself of course. He recently found the Videos section of Media Center, and now also enjoys watching old videos, mostly of himself of course. What's funny is that he also tries to recreate them. For example, we get reenactments of the video of him saying his name and ours at the dinner table all the time, except now he calls me Mommy.

Yesterday, I caught him on video dancing to the Ramones, just like I did back in July of 2009. With the same dance moves, exclamations, and extreme close up of the original. He even "falls" the same way he did the first time, though back then it was because he was still pretty unstable on his feet. The first one was shot soon after we moved here. I cannot believe how much he's changed in that time! I'm going to say this every day from now on aren't I? Where did my baby go?!

So here they are, first from July 2009:

And from February 2011:

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