Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's in a name?

Ever since the grandmas came for their visits, Oliver has been very interested in naming everyone. However, just like when we look at picture books, he sort of puts his own spin on things. For example, he points at the picture of a sheep in a book, grunts "uh?", so that I'll respond "sheep," then he says "baaa baaa." Well, yes, that's not quite what I said, but it is correct. As I've mentioned before, he calls my mom "O", though she goes by Grandee. When Marty's mom was here, he'd kind of whisper something when we'd say "Grandma," but it wasn't until after she left and we were looking at photos together that he started pointing at her and saying, "Maa-maw." Which goes right along with "Paa-paw," aka "Grandpa" in other photos (Marty's dad). Is that how you spell those? It's the southern pronuciation, which I heard a lot growing up in Florida, but I know he's never heard them. Must be in the genes, like the true southern boy that he isn't.

When it comes to his name, however, it's been a bit more difficult. Only recently has he tried to say his own name, at first it came out something like "owl." But with all the pointing and naming that's been going on, he's starting to perfect it...and loves saying it. I know you'd love to see it on video! For some reason I'm having trouble posting a video to my blog, but you can go Here to see it! Enjoy! (Yes, I'm "Ommy." For some reason he's been dropping the first 'm' lately, who knows why. Probably just another example of wanting to do things his own way!)

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