Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

If you go by the displays at Target as any indication (which I do, because I love Target, and visit several times a week!)....the Christmas season is upon us! As a result, we've had requests for Wish Lists for the three of us, so I thought I'd make one master reference here on the blog. Please don't misinterpret this as a greedy request for presents! Love is all we really need (isn't that a song?). This is purely for convenience. I'll also list the Christmas gifts we've gotten for Oliver, in order to avoid duplication. In general, please keep in mind that we are living in a tiny apartment for the next year and a half. So as much as you want to get that full drum kit for Oliver, I'm afraid we just don't have room for it!!

In addition to what is listed below, Marty & I both have Wish Lists on Amazon, just search for our names in the Wish List box. I don't want to put the direct link on here because I'm not putting any personal info (like last names) on this blog. But if you are having problems finding it, email me directly and I'll send you back the direct link. There are some ideas for Oliver on my Amazon Wish List (I didn't make him his own), so just assume if the recommended age group for the product is 18 months-3 years, it's probably for Oliver and not me! This doesn't mean you have to buy it from Amazon. If you find a better deal elsewhere, just email me and I'll remove it (for Oliver's or Marty's), or email Marty for mine. I won't peek! I'll keep adding to the list as I think of things.

  • Clothing sizes: he's in 24 months (or 2T) for tops and 18 months for pants.
  • Toys: Anything age appropriate. He likes typical boy things: blocks, trucks, airplanes, animals. He's currently very into the alphabet and counting! There are a few things I thought he'd like on my Amazon Wish list, but you pretty much can't go wrong with him....what 20 month old doesn't love any toy!?
  • He love books! Marty's mom saved all his old books, so we're all set for the oldies but goodies like Dr. Seuss. But any contemporary books are great!
    • Clothing sizes: If you've seen Marty's closet back home, you know he doesn't need any clothes!
    • He says he can't think of anything that isn't on his Amazon Wish List!

    • Clothing sizes: Let's not go there. How about a nice book instead?
    • A gift card to Shutterfly. I have thousands of photos of Oliver that I'd love to make photo books with!

    Gifts already purchased for Oliver (by us and others):
    ABC Block Cart
    FP Little People Animal Sounds Farm
    VTech Explore and Learn Helicopter
    Ikea kitchen stuff (see former blog post)
    Ikea Lounge Chair (see former blog post) 
    Mickey Mouse Helicopter
    FP Little People Airplane
    FP Little People Airport

    If you'd like to add an item to this list to avoid duplication, just email me and I'll put it on there. I promise I won't let Oliver read the blog! This list will be continually updated. I'll put a link to it on the sidebar so you can always find it. If you'd like to keep things a surprise, that's fine too!

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