Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Stickers!!

I have a potty training success to share tonight: we have poops!!! Poops in the potty, that is, and even better, all on his own. I didn't ask if he needed to go,  and the timer hadn't rung. In fact, I was on the phone with my mom, and when he went into the bathroom I let him go alone because he's in that "Oliver do it!" stage. He came back out and said he peed, so I gave him his 1 sticker for peeing. He kept running around playing and not letting me put his underwear back on, so I let him be naked boy for a few minutes. Then he went back into the bathroom again. I figured he was just on a sticker campaign, so I kept talking on the phone. A few minutes later, he came back out and said, "I pooped!" I said, "You did?! On the potty?!" He said, "Yes! Two stickers!!" (he gets 2 for poops). So I go check, and sure enough, he had pooped on the big potty (he puts the potty seat on there himself now and climbs up using a step stool). So we had ten high tens (high 5 times 2 hands 10 times equals 100), and lots of celebration.

A little bit later, he tells me he wants to go play upstairs in his room, so I let him go, still on the phone, figuring I'll follow soon. I hear him calling for me a few minutes later, and he was stuck in his room and couldn't get the door open. So I open it and he runs out and says, "Got poops!" and heads for daddy's bathroom, where we have another little potty. He sits on it a minute, than exclaims "Oh no, get potty dirty!" and stands up in a panic, with something hanging from his behind. I told him that was okay, that is what a potty is for, but he wouldn't hear it. So I hung up on my mom (sorry mom!), cleaned him as best I could and got him down to his "regular" potty seat on the big potty for him to finish. It was quite the production, but we did it!

I think we've hit a new level of success! Before, he was "saving" his poops for nap time (he's in a diaper for naps and bedtime). Not only did he poop twice today, but he also asked to go pee when he needed to, so we only used the timer a few times. We've gone days without any accidents, and he did great in school this week too. Is it possible that this is actually working this time?! Hooray! I know you're all excited too, since you won't have to read poop-themed blog posts anymore!

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