Monday, February 28, 2011

More dinosaurs

Oliver's been on a bit of a dinosaur kick recently, and we discovered that the Peabody Museum at Yale was having "Dinosaur Days", so off we went to check out the bones on Saturday. He and Daddy had gone to that museum with Grandma and Pop-pop when they visited last fall, a trip he brings up every now and then. I think the dinosaurs had made quite an impression on him. Or maybe it was the dinosaur sticker book that Grandma bought him in the gift shop.

Unfortunately, my camera had some issues, between a dying battery on my speed light and an exposure adjustment setting that had gotten changed unknowingly, so I had a really hard time taking pics. I know, excuses, excuses. But I got a few close ups, so I thought I'd share the faces of Oliver for the day. Hey, it's the end of February, life is boring these days, so this is what I've got. Okay? Enjoy the cuteness!

 Oliver was excited to be there, as were the thousands of other screaming children. It was busy and loud in there! 

 Actually sitting still for a picture, and not giving me the cheesy grin!!

 Future museum lecturer, perhaps? He had to know the names of all the dinosaurs, in a dialog that went something like this:
Oliver: What's that?
Mommy/Daddy: That's a Fillintheblankosaurus.
Oliver: That's right. It's a Fillintheblankosaurus. 
(as if he knew all along, and was just testing us)

 I'm pretty sure he's in the middle of saying, "What's that?" here. He asks that a lot.

 Giving me the evil eye. I probably did something horrible, like ask if he wanted to go potty.

Daddy and Oliver, pausing for a snack.

A little while later, we passed the gift shop, otherwise known as the Dinosaur Store (to Oliver). This was pretty much the most excited he was the whole day. We looked at puzzles and toys and books, but all he wanted was a sticker book. There were several to choose from, and he chose one a little bit different than the one Grandma bought for him last trip. Then we walked a few blocks to have lunch at Moe's, and on the walk back had to pass by the museum again. At this point, a very tired Oliver was crying to go back to the "Dinosaur Store!" Turns out he no longer wanted the new sticker book, but wanted to go back and get the one like Grandma got him. That was a tantrum we did not indulge, and he ended up being perfectly content with the one he had. 

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