Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Why haven't you been blogging?"

Apparently, I have more followers than I realized, because I have been asked that question a lot in the last few days! 

::waves hi to everyone::

My first explanation is the obvious one: Oliver! He's going through the "I don't need no stinkin' naps" phase again. I'd swear it's that last incisor coming in, but he's not cranky or fussy, though maybe a bit more ornery than normal. So, since I really only have time to blog during his naps, that hasn't been happening. When he finally had a great nap yesterday (hooray!), I used that time to catch up on a bunch of other things I needed/wanted to do and never got around to writing.

My second explanation is just boring: we didn't really do much of anything over the weekend except hang around the apartment and go shopping. The weather was hot, humid, and rainy, so we didn't plan anything exciting. Planning is better. Getting out of the house is better. Oliver was especially ornery so I think he felt the boredom too. So, because we didn't do anything fun, I didn't have any pictures or stories. It's ok that we had a boring weekend, I don't really mind that. Boring weekends are good sometimes, though more so when you don't have a toddler. But I just didn't have anything to share, except how boring it was, which I'm sharing now. :-)

My third explanation....ok, excuse, is.....I couldn't think of anything to talk about. A bit of writer's block, perhaps? See my thought process lately:  Isn't my talk of meal planning and exercise boring? How stupid is that "five sweet things" thing? Am I talking about Oliver too much? Of course I'm talking about Oliver too much. I should think of something else to talk about besides Oliver. But people like hearing about Oliver. Or am I coming off as that mom who is so absorbed in her child that she has no real life any more? What would people like to hear about? Who am I writing for? My readers include my family, my in-laws, my friends from real life, from long ago (newly re-found on Facebook from high school and college), from the message boards I frequent, and maybe even some strangers.

::pauses to wave again, feeling a bit exposed::

Is my mother-in-law reading this? (Hi Charlene!) Dang! That means I can't write a blog complaining about my husband. Though now that I think about it, she'd probably tell me to go right ahead. Oh wait, is Marty reading this? No, of course I would never even need to write a blog complaining about my husband! 

But aren't I supposed to just write for myself? Wasn't that the whole point? I guess this is something a lot of bloggers go through, but I'm just starting to get it. This isn't a diary, or a private journal. I'm not sharing my innermost thoughts. I'm writing about my life, my family, my struggles, my joys...for fun, for posterity, and as a way to close the distance between me and you....all of you.

Well, look at that. I wrote a blog entry about nothing. Without even trying. Guess I'll save that hilarious Oliver story for another day. :-p

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