Friday, August 14, 2009

Extreme Haircut! Ackkk!!!

I did it. I got it chopped off. Wanna see? Okay.

Disclaimer: These are not great pictures of me, I apologize, and honestly can't believe I'm putting them out there for the world to see. But they do show the hair. Also, no, Oliver was not upset about my new haircut. He had just pinched his finger in the laundry room door, and I was giving it a kiss to make it all better.

This is how my hair looked most recently, a shaggy mess:

Ugh, another bad picture. My husband is a wonderful man, but he is not a photographer. That's why there aren't very many pictures of me in our photo album. Then again, he isn't working with the best subject.

Anyway, my hair was bugging me a lot, it had grown really fast since my last cut and was in desparate need of a new one. As a SAHM, I don't have to, nor am I often able to, get up and shower and blow dry and style first thing in the morning. So Oliver and I often went places while I looked pretty shabby. If you notice the past few weekend pics, I just put it up in a stupid barrette, which is probably even uglier. So I went to a new hairstylist (miss you Janis!), and asked her to do whatever she wanted, as long as it was low maintenance. I'm very trusting of hair stylists. I feel like it's their job to figure out what will look good. And hair grows--mine especially fast.

So she decided a shag, shorter in back, longer in front, with lots of layers and thinning because my hair is so thick. It's hard to tell from the pics, but it is really short in the back, so it's assymetrical angling towards the front. She did style it a little to enhance the curls before I left the salon. It's definitely not as curly today, just wavy. But it did look ok this morning, in that "I don't care about my shaggy bed head" way...think Meg Ryan but not as perky. I just took a shower, so we'll see how it does drying on it's own, since my goal was to have it look decent without a blowdry. It's really short in back. When I shampooed, it was like I kept trying to wash my "phantom" hair, as if it had been amputated. I'm still not sure about it, I'll have to see how it looks in the next few days. I think some more highlights (I didn't get any this time) would help a lot, but it's not really in the budget and too high maintenance.

So what do you think? I did go short last summer, but not this short. It was shorter on top and the same length all the way around, here's a pic (Oliver was 3 months old!):

No really, I want to know what you think, honest truth! Take the poll, over there on the left, and tell's anonymous!

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  1. Well, honey, I loved it this summer. I little bit longer with those highlights. But, whatever is easier for you and they both look good.

    Guess Who?