Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oliver is on ESPN!

Look at this screen shot:

Does that baby over the host's left shoulder look like Oliver or what??? (For a better look, you can also see a clip of the video here). I put a recent pic of Oliver up for comparison, but it's hard to find one at exactly the same angle and expression, but you get the idea.

Tonight, we were watching Pardon the Interruption on ESPN (and by we, I mean Marty...I just happened to be in the room), and we noticed that one of the heads behind host Tony Kornheiser looks exactly like Oliver. At first I thought it was just my eyes as I only saw it for a second. But then when the camera stayed on him a bit longer, I was like, "That is Oliver!" Seriously, Marty and I sat there the whole show and every time they put the camera on Tony, we'd study it. Everything about it, the hairline, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the chubby cheeks...that is Oliver.

I actually wondered if some stock photo site stole one of our pictures or something. But that probably isn't the case. You might be wondering what those heads are all about if you aren't familiar with PTI. They do this segment called "Role Play" where the hosts alternate speaking as a sports figure with the person's picture on a stick in front of their faces. After a picture is used, it is usually stuck somewhere in the background of the set until it is replaced. So the heads on the sticks are photos of actual people (usually sports figures). This "head on a stick" wasn't used in tonight's show. It was probably from an earlier episode. Marty thought he remembered something about Kornheiser's grandson, but who knows.

It's aroused our curiosity enough that I emailed ESPN to ask who it is, just out of curiosity. They probably won't respond, but it was worth a try. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Freaky, huh?

Five Sweet Things
  1. Dinner was a healthy flounder, broccoli, and peas.

  2. Marty came home at 3:45, early enough that I could go work out in the gym before starting dinner. That made for 2 workouts in one day!

  3. Some light Chocolate peanut butter ice cream as my bedtime's allowed! Hey, it's also sweet!

  4. Oliver "fake laughed" for the first time. It was hilarious. We had been playing and he was laughing really hard, then a few minutes later, when he was playing quietly again, he stood up and started "laughing." It was like he was trying to make himself feel like he felt before when he was laughing so hard. He did it several times, it was so cute to see! We caught him fake crying the other night, he's definitely doing that more too. Cute and funny now because it's new....I won't think about when that gets annoying!

  5. Finishing a good book (one I'll try to talk more about later).

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