Friday, July 31, 2009


In my last post about Oliver's 15 month check-up, I forgot to mention how advanced the doctor thought he was. Of course, we all have known since his birth that Oliver is very advanced for his age. ;-) But now we have a real medical professional agreeing with us! So let me use this entry as an opportunity to brag about my child, because what mother doesn't love to do that?

They say that at 15 months, a toddler should have 3-5 words. Knowing that our pediatrician appointment was coming up, and figuring she'd ask this development question, I made a list so I could see how many words he knows. I was surprised to find that it has 13 words on it, plus a lot of sounds! Here they are:
  1. ball. His first word, said for the first time just 2 days before his 1st birthday, and like walking, just in time to show off at his party. Back then it was a very southern drawn out sounding "baowww", now it's a short "ba" when he says it, which isn't as often as that first week when it was all the time!
  2. guitar. His second word, because he loves his Daddy's guitars. He only whispers it, as if in reverence. Actually, he whispers many of his words, we're not sure why, but it's really cute.
  3. whale. His third word (I promise, after this I lost count of when he said them). He has a toy rubber whale. It sounds like "whey-oh."
  4. duck. Pronounced "guh-kuh" with a german sounding K. Must be in the genes (we both have some German in our ancestry). He loves ducks, real ones, rubber ones, and especially his bathtub shaped like one.
  5. Mommy. Finally! This really only started around the time of our trip. Often comes out "Mom-bish," possibly from when I'd say "No, that's Mommy's." He still doesn't call me, like when he wakes up, and says it randomly, but we're pretty sure he knows it's me at least.
  6. Daddy/Da. Started soon after we moved here, we know it means Marty because he often says it when he hears him opening the front door when he gets home.
  7. truck. See also: duck. Because he pronounces it exactly the same, "guh-kuh", but we know it means truck too because he said it the whole trip, every time we passed a semi on I-80, which was, like, every minute.
  8. block. See also: duck, truck. Because he pronounces it exactly the same, "guh-kuh." It's all about context. If he's holding up a block, we know it means block. Unless he's building a truck (or duck!) with his blocks, then who knows.
  9. hi. Very rare, but apparently he said it all the time in daycare. He'll randomly say it to strangers in the grocery store.
  10. one. Grandee taught him this trick at his 1st birthday. We'd ask him, "How old is Oliver? Is Oliver one?" And he'd hold up his index finger and wave it around. Now we just ask, "How old is Oliver?" and he whispers "One" and holds up his index finger. Impresses everyone. We're working on two.
  11. up. As in "pick me up." Started out as "up-peas" for getting out of his highchair (Up, please!), but he's quickly dropped the "peas." Manners are not his strong suit. Hey, he's a toddler.
  12. baby. Recently started saying this in reference to pictures in some books we look at, and because we walk with our neighbor and her 5 month old baby. So I'd say, "Want to go see Linsey and Annabelle?" and he says, "baby!"
  13. cracker. As in animal cracker, goldfish cracker, graham get the idea.
See, 13 words!!! And this doesn't even include the sounds, which I believe must count a little bit. He says uh-oh (he said that before 'ball'), muah (for kisses), and lots of animal sounds, quack, moo, bow wow, ribbit, roar (he whispers that one too). He also just started giving me kisses when I ask sometimes....everyone...awwwwwww.

In addition to his vocabulary, he also understands a lot more than he can say. He often "tests" me when we look at picture books. If I name the wrong thing, he keeps pointing until I say it right. And he understands a lot of simple directions, i.e., bring me your shorts, where is your cup. So for a child of such apparent genius...can someone tell me why he doesn't understand "No!"??? Yeah, you're right, he probably does, he just pretends like he doesn't. sigh.

So yes, brilliant, but ornery. I'll leave you with proof. He's also learning to climb; he's using his tractor to practice:
So I guess now we have to hide everything on high surfaces too. Where will I put my wine, I mean, water glass?

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