Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Lists

Halloween's over, so it must be time to talk about Christmas, right? Target had their decorations out weeks ago, isnt' that crazy?! It's a cliche, but I just can't believe it's that time of year again already! But it must be, because even Oliver knows what a Christmas list is, and points out Santa every time he sees him on TV or in the stores. How he remembers who Santa is, I have no idea. Amazing memory, considering he was 20 months old last Christmas! He knows about Christmas lists now, because he became obsessed with the ToysRUs ad from the paper a few weeks ago, specifically, the Thomas trains. I mean obsessed. He was trying to pick them off the page with his fingers. So finally, Marty said, "Let's make a Christmas list!" and whipped out his handy Crackberry, er, I mean Blackberry to type one up. Now when Oliver sees something he wants, he either says, "This one!" or "Christmas list." It starts so early, huh?

Usual disclaimer: our Christmas lists are not requests or demands, but merely suggestions. This is purely for convenience. Surprises are great too! As usual, we are keeping our lists on Amazon, which is especially handy now that you can add things to your Amazon list from other stores! Oliver's list is under my name, just click on "Oliver's List" on the left side. I separated them this year, because honestly, his was overtaking mine! Marty has his own. Mind you, he also has a sense of humor, so really, you don't have to buy him the $500 leaf blower. Anyone think he's as daunted by our new yard as I am?! I don't want to put the direct link on here because I'm not putting any personal info (like last names) on this blog. But if you are having problems finding it, email me and I'll send you back the direct link.

I should emphasize that you don't have to buy any of the items off the Amazon list, especially if you find a better deal elsewhere. You can just let Marty or I know, and we'll take it off to prevent doubles.

Some extra info for all of us:

Clothes sizes: Shirts and Sweaters: 2T fits him just right, and 3T is a little big (depending on the brand), so I would recommend erring on the side of too big and getting 3T.
Pants: 24 month. That's right, not even 2T yet. They are miles too long. 24 month pants fit him pretty well, and even some of those are a little big. He's a shorty! Adjustable waist is a bonus.
If it's something in a set, like pajamas, get 2T, because there's no way he can wear 3T pants.
Shoes: 7.5 wide, and growing fast, so 8 wide would also be ok. I'm sure he'll fit in them soon!

Marty and I have already bought him his "big" present from us (or Santa?). We got him this Wooden Railway set. It is by Melissa and Doug, but the good thing about it is that it is compatible with all the other wooden train sets, including Thomas. This is kind of a base set to keep him happy until we move home where we have more room, but it is endlessly expandable. Because he has begun the Thomas obsession, as mentioned above, I've put a few of the key "character trains" on the Amazon list that would work with the set we got. He'd love to have any of them, plus other accessories I haven't listed, I'm sure. Just note if you buy them elsewhere that there are several types of Thomas trains/railway systems, so make sure you get the ones for the "wooden railway."

Aside from that, his likes are typical for a boy his age: trains, blocks, construction vehicles, tools, and of course, his beloved alphabet. He loves books. Marty's mom saved all his old books, so we're all set for the oldies but goodies like Dr. Seuss. But any age appropriate contemporary books would be great!

Clothes sizes: Shirts and sweaters: Medium. Pants: 32/30.  
Otherwise, he says everything he wants is on his Amazon list.

Clothes sizes: Not going there. How about a nice book instead?
Everything I can think of is on my Amazon list. I'll try to think of more, because I'll admit, my list is not very exciting. It's hard to want things when you live in a tiny temporary apartment.

Let me know if you have any questions! I'll be looking for your lists too!

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  1. FYI: I just realized that Amazon has an "I bought this elsewhere" button that you can push to remove an item from the list if you purchase it at another store!