Friday, July 23, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo

Yes, another zoo!! Why not? Oliver loves them, we wanted to go to Chicago, and what better thing to do on a summer trip?! We were smarter this time. We skillfully avoided the Merry Go Round until the end of our visit. Wise move. He asked for it a few times, because he's smart and now knows that zoo=Merry Go Round, but we were able to distract him with all the cool animals, snow cones, and lunch. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time. As usual, it seems that many of the animals were "napping" somewhere hidden when we visited. Why does this happen at every zoo we visit? Is it just the heat of the summer? Should we be visiting the zoo in the winter? Marty's dad decided it was a scam. They just pretend they have polar bears, giraffes, and sea lions so that you'll walk by their pen and shrug and say, "They must be sleeping," when really they don't have any at all, saving themselves millions in raw meat and dead fish. Oh well, we saw enough that it was definitely worth the trip, and of course got lots of great pictures.

Look, fish!

Snow cone!

Comparing tongue colors.

Walking with Mam-aw and Pop-pop. No, not to a Cubs game. What made you think so?

Obligatory animal picture. Eh, seen one rhino, you've seen 'em all, so insert bears, ostriches, zebras, and monkeys here. But not the giraffes, polar bears, sea lions, or lion. No, they were "sleeping."

Finally, we rounded a corner, and what did Oliver spy? That's right, you guessed it . . .


Because fake animals are so much better than the real ones. Hey, at least they weren't sleeping. This time, Oliver was very brave, and instead of sitting on the bench, he chose a giraffe!!! It was stationary, so that gave him some comfort, but the fear he showed in Indianapolis was gone.

But the obsession had only been fed. "Mer-ron! Mer-ron!"

But what are grandparents for, except to spoil, and so Pop-pop took him again. This time, Oliver chose the panda bear, and it moved up and down. He loved it! Fear, conquered!!

"Wait, why is this thing slowing down?"


"Mer-ron! Mer-ron! Mer-ron!"

Happily, the lion woke up and came out just in time. It was enough to distract him, and then we were done for the day. Yes, he fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. Big day at the zoo!

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