Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Day of Summer Fun

The last stop on our journey was to visit Marty's parents in Illinois. Oliver had more fun than even he could handle . . . which led to just a few tantrums. We were lucky enough to catch some of them on film. It's so hard not to laugh. Here are the highlights, of both the fun and the funny, of one day of our visit with Ma-maw and Pop-pop.

At the Splash Pad

"Wow, this is a lot of sprinklers!"

Full disclosure: I didn't join them on this day. I believe I was back at the house reading a book. So I had a great time! Apparently Oliver had fun too, and then at some point, he stopped and held on to this water cannon, never to leave it again. He just stood there and watched everyone.

See, he's still holding on. Marty said he didn't act scared, but he wasn't shooting it at anyone either. Who knows. Maybe he thought he was in control of the world!

Playing Basketball and Golf

Same day as above, I was still inside reading a book. Hey, it was my day off, and boy did I need the break! Ma-maw got Oliver this basketball goal. Marty said that amazingly, Oliver made a basket on the first try! Awesome! He wanted to do it again, without anyone's help. Unfortunately, he never made another one, no matter how hard he tried . . .

. . . and tried . . .

. . . and tried.

And so he got mad.

Really mad.

So Pop-pop helped him move on to golf.


Until he got mad when the ball wouldn't go in the hole on the golf bag, so he stormed off.

And looked back to make sure everyone saw how mad he was.

 "Why is everyone laughing at me?!"

Watering the Plants
So they tried his favorite distraction of all: water.

Time to water the plants! All the plants!

 He decided it was much more fun to fill up the big watering can using the pool water, until it was so heavy he could hardly carry it. He barely swam in his little pool the whole time we were there, but he did use about every drop of water in it to water the plants. Ma-maw's garden is probably really healthy now!

Never mind that I'm watering my shoe!

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