Monday, July 19, 2010

Indianapolis Zoo

Oliver loved the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo so much, we decided to take him to the Indianapolis Zoo when Marty joined us on our vacation, so that he could share the joy. Maybe our expectations were too high. Maybe it was too hot, or too crowded. Regardless, the Indianpolis Zoo had nothing on Fort Wayne's. The first problem was that Oliver immediately began whining for the Merry Go Round. It doesn't help that you pass it on your way to everywhere in that zoo. So when we went to see the elephants, normally his favorite, all he did was try to run away, screaming "mer ron, mer ron" in a manner that Marty accurately described as sounding like "Redrum!" Then he got on the Merry Go Round, only to be scared to death of the animals, and only wanting to sit in the bench. And yet he wanted to go back again and again. Oh, the mind of a toddler.

 In search of the Merry Go Round

A happy moment riding with Daddy on the Merry Go Round, on the bench

The highlight of the day, following an awesome snow cone eating experience that somehow was not captured on film, was getting to pet the elephant after her bath. Look for the Cubs cap, that's him in my arms.

Waiting in line to ride the train, an obsession that ran a close second to the Merry Go Round. Note the  cherry red-stained mouth and shirt, courtesy of above-mentioned snow cone.

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