Monday, June 21, 2010

Water is always fun

This post really needs no captioning, except to explain his lovely outfit. We were at my mom's, and he woke up on the wrong side of a nap. Nothing would make him happy, and frustration was mounting for both of us. Then he looked outside and saw Nee-nee (aka Grandee, who is now definitely nothing other than Nee-nee) cleaning her fountain. So we went outside, hoping a change of scenery would help. He started playing in the fountain, which my mom had just cleaned with bleach. It was probably much diluted by then, but still, I removed his shorts and shirt so they wouldn't get bleach marks. Of course, the diaper and the crocs had to stay. For a while he was content to splash in the fountain with his hands. Until he saw the hose with the spray nozzle. He had to have it. So we put it on the grass to make it like a sprinkler, and oh what fun ensued!

I had to do a slide show because I shot so many pictures. It was one of those times when I really wished I had the video camera with me, but unfortunately, we just didn't have room to bring it this trip.

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