Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tired of apple picking photos yet?

Tough, 'cause I have some more! This weekend our friends Mark & Betsy came for a visit. Mark is Marty's long time friend, and was his Best Man at our wedding. They live in Washington D.C. and were taking a vacation driving up to Maine, so they stopped to see us on the way. So we had a great weekend and ate a lot of food, watched a lot of football, went to the park, and went apple picking! You know Marty wants pie! I couldn't resist posting more photos because as usual, Oliver was just too cute! Like the first time we went to an orchard last month, Oliver was quite possessive of the apple that he picked. After giving it a few test throws, to check it's worth I guess, he held on tight to it. This time he was actually able to bite into it and then went to town. Nevermind that he's been refusing apples when I cut them up and put them on his tray. I guess I should be giving him whole apples! He was very focused and serious about eating his apple, never cracked a smile the whole time he was so into it. There was juice all down his shirt and apple pieces all over Marty's head. I love this time of year! Now, I'm off to make applesauce!








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