Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Since we've moved to Connecticut, our families back in the Midwest have been just slightly annoyed that we're now so far away from them. Or, more specifically, that we've taken Oliver so far away from them (let's be real here!). What else but an amazing grandson would cause a grown woman who is afraid of flying to get on a train for a 20 hour trip across America? Marty's mom came last Saturday for a week long visit and a dose of Oliver. It was a fun week that included a return trip to Boston, which she had never seen. The weather was amazing and the leaves were gorgeous. Here are some highlights!

At the Public Gardens in Boston

Make Way for Ducklings (by artist Nancy Schon, 1987) at the Public Gardens in Boston

Holding hands with Grandma while walking the Freedom Trail

Walking at Minute Man National Historical Park, between Lexington and Concord

Organizing his acorns

The town green at Lexington

Another visit to the Pumpkin Patch

 Going on a hayride

My mom (Grandee) arrives tomorrow for her visit, so the blog might be a bit slow for another week, but I have a good Photo Friday ready for you! Anyone else want to come visit? Oliver loves having company, and so does mommy!!

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