Monday, March 7, 2011

A Birthday Party at My Gym

Last weekend, Oliver was invited to his friend Lilly's birthday party. The party was at My Gym. No, not at my gym, that would be Mommy's Gym. My Gym is Oliver's Gym, where he's been jumping, swinging, and playing since we moved to Connecticut. Here's my first post about it, and once more, I cannot get over how much Oliver has grown since we've lived here! We still love going to My Gym, and will miss it greatly when we move home. They don't have anything like it in Cedar Rapids (that I'm aware of). I swear, if I had the money and the fitness background, I would totally consider opening a franchise there. I think it would do well there. Anyway, I digress.

Lilly is one of Oliver's friends from My Gym, and is also in his class at Mother's Day Out. It was a great party, and the kids had a blast. I had stupidly forgotten Lilly's present at home, so Marty graciously missed the first part of the party and ran home to get it. He returned with the camera as well, so we got some cute pics.

Mommy pushing Oliver on the swing


Throwing the ball out of the bounce house. The bounce house was a huge hit. Well, until he ended up getting hurt (I have no idea how, and I was watching the whole time!). I think he hit his head on another kid or something. Oh well, he has a big hard head. He was fine and even got back in a bit later. 

Balancing on the tube.

With ball in hand, of course.

Oliver playing with his friend Brody, his best bud from My Gym and Mother's Day Out (I swear, the toddlers in this area travel in packs, they are all in the same classes).

The kids all lined up eating pizza. Love the line of parents behind them, cutting pizza, and making sure they all keep their hands to themselves!

Daddy being creative, shooting through a tunnel. Yes, Oliver is playing with yet another ball.

Climbing the fort.

Time for bubbles! This competed with the bounce house in popularity. Birthday girl Lilly is on the far right in the pink dress and hat. Oliver's in the middle, and Brody is to the left in the striped sweatpants.

Sitting on the mat waiting their turn. 

This is what they were waiting for...the zip line!! Look at the focus on that face!

Eating cake. Can it get any better?

Now birthday parties are Oliver's favorite thing ever. That's putting a lot of pressure on Mommy to plan a good one for his 3rd, that is coming way too soon. We'll see. I think I'm going for small but fun, maybe with a little adventure thrown in.

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  1. Super cute!! Can't wait to see what you do for Oliver's birthday :)