Friday, October 22, 2010

Pie is not so easy

We went to the Apple Festival in Southington recently, where Marty entered the pie eating contest. It was a last minute sort of thing. Marty had joked about entering the apple fritter eating contest, but figured he'd missed the deadline to enter because sign up was earlier that morning. After we'd been at the festival a while, and already eaten lunch, they made an announcement that they still had slots open in his age group for both contests. The apple fritter contest was too late, since we needed to get Oliver home for a nap, so Marty decided why not eat some pie? The pies weren't very big, they didn't even make you eat all the crust, and they only got 6 competitors. But eating lunch beforehand was not conducive to winning.

 Marty's in the teal shirt, contemplating his pie. He shouldn't have paused, because the guys on the other end were serious about this competiton!

 Digging in!

 Look at how far his nose is buried in pie!

 The moment of defeat, when they announced 3rd place (only the top 3 got prizes).

 Still proud of his attempt, and smiling for Oliver who was cheering him on.

He refused to wipe his face until he showed us up close. Really, we didn't need to see it!

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