Monday, October 11, 2010

A Photo Recap

Yes, I am aware that aside from yesterday's post, I have been quite the slacker in the blogging department. There are a myriad of excuses, but none of them very interesting or exciting. As with every week of every diet I've ever been on, we'll take this Monday to start again. There are too many photos waiting in the wings for me to do a separate post about each event, but I thought I'd do a little photo recap so you can see what we've been doing lately. And by lately, I mean late summer/early fall. I know, it's ridiculous! Then I'll be all caught up and back to normal!

 To finish out August, we . . .

went to the park, where Daddy & Oliver ran the bases,

 practiced jumping, 

 studied our shadow, 

and sat in the swing.
In September, we . . . 

 went to another orchard,

 and ate lots of apples. 

We went to New London, 

on a beautiful day, 

where we walked around, 

 saw some pretty boats and a fort,

 and an old-time baseball game, 

and just hung around,

until we got tired and slept in the car on the way home.

Then we went to another orchard, 

 and picked more apples, 

 and posed for pictures,

and played in the dirt.

On September 25, we took advantage of a warm day and went to the beach, 
where we peeked at the water, 

 but decided looking for shells was more fun, 

 then got into our swimsuits, and tried the water again, 

 only to change our minds because the waves were scary, 

 and looking for shells is more fun,

 but we watched Daddy swim for a while, 

 and gave him a thumbs up, 

then went back to our shells. (Not pictured: the sandy picnic lunch we enjoyed ate.)

Yay! All done!! I'm caught up, well, through September at least. Soon to come, and I promise, very soon, posts from this month! With actual words!!


  1. great pictures! I wish I had taken that many photos the last few months! I was just looking through my photo library and it seems a bit sparse lately. I especially love the beach shots!

  2. Yeah!


  3. looks like a fun time was had by all!