Monday, August 2, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding

The sister of my neighbor Linsey (mother of sweet Annabelle, Oliver's friend) was getting married and in need of a photographer. I am not a professional photographer. Heck, I'm barely an amateur! But she had seen some photos I'd taken previously, and in a bit of last minute desperation, hired me to shoot her wedding. I made sure expectations were very low, and agreed. If nothing else, I said I'll take a ton of photos, and with my fancy camera, surely a few were bound to come out pretty good.

The wedding was Saturday, and I must say, I was honored to be their photographer. The day was beautiful, the location was gorgeous, and the couple and their guests were delightful.  It isn't hard to take good pictures when so much love and joy fills the air.

Here is just a tiny sampling of the 1005 (yes, that's one thousand and five!) photographs I took of Darcy and Arlene's wedding day. I had to compress the photos to get them in my blog, so the quality is not as good as the original files, but if you click on them to see them larger, you'll get a bit of a better idea.

Thimble Islands, Connecticut. The wedding was on one of these amazing islands in the Long Island Sound (not the one pictured here). They are these tiny little islands, some of them with just one house, some with a few.

 Reception tables

Place cards and flip flops


Annabelle, giving me a look.

The bouquets

Bride Darcy getting ready

The couple's first moment seeing each other all dressed for the wedding.

The dog got dressed for the wedding too!


Portraits of the happy couple

Darcy and her sister Linsey (my neighbor, Annabelle's mommy)

The wedding party and guests on the porch

The "replacement" cake (the first one got dropped on the barge!)

The traditional bride and bride cake topper

Congratulations to Darcy and Arlene! Thank you again for including me in your day!


  1. Beautiful pictures Kelly! Thanks for the lessons. I hope I have a few that are half as good. I have already forgotten the name of the book you told me about! If you can post the name, I would appreciate it!

  2. Hi Erin! The book is called Understanding Exposure, it's actually linked on my sidebar (see Books I'm Reading)! I'm sure you got some great shots too, after all, you have an awesome camera!! Great shooting with you!