Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oliver's Birthday

Since we are so far away from family and friends, we planned a low-key birthday for Oliver. Thank goodness we didn't plan something huge--he was so excited about his presents and cake and everything I think he might have burst had it been anything bigger!! As always, the pictures tell the story . . .

He went crazy over the balloon. He's never had one before, but always points at them in the store. He and Dad spent a long time just throwing his new balls at the balloon. I swear, he would have been happy with just that for his present, he didn't even want to open the rest!

More fun with the balloon!

Finally, on to the rest of the presents.

Dad helping

Enjoying the new computer we got him in hopes that he'll leave ours alone now!

Surrounded by his loot!

"Yo, whassup?"

Anabelle and her parents came over later for cake and ice cream. Maybe his second favorite part of the day, next to the balloon.
Oliver goes in for the kiss . . .

Denied! Ends in an awkward hug instead.

Birthday Cake!

Ooooooh, fire!

Mommy made the cake. I don't recommend the canned decorating icing. I had no control over the tip. Otherwise, this would look more like a baseball.

Yes, it's pink. It's not girly, it's strawberry. He love strawberries. However, he did not eat any cake. Not even a bite. Whose kid is this?

It was a good day. Oliver says, "Thank you for my presents!"


  1. that cake looks delicious! where did you get the birthday boy tshirt? i'd love to get one from luke but have only seen them in the 12 month size for first birthdays.

  2. Maybe I'll post the cake recipe. It really was yummy!
    Oliver's grandma sent the shirt. I don't know where she got it, but I will ask!

  3. She got the shirt at Marshall's!