Monday, April 12, 2010

Oliver's 2 Year Stats

For the last in our birthday-themed posts, I present to you the report on our 2 year wellness visit with the pediatrician last Friday!

Weight: 27 lbs (35%)
Height: 34.5" (50%)...though he was very squirmy, she did one at 35" and one at 34.25, so we all said 34.5.
He grew over 3" since his 18 month, but only gained 1 pound! Typical for his age, she said.
Head: huge (87%) I never remember the number.

She said to try to get rid of the pacifier except for in the crib. She advised that we make a new rule that binks stay in the crib, and that he'd probably cry the first day but get over it quickly. She said especially not to use it in the car because they do a lot of observing and babbling then, and we should encourage that. She thinks the bink may have affected his speech a bit, or it could affect it more if we keep using it. He has a ton of words, but he doesn't use them a lot, and I think his enunciation could be better, even for his age. She didn't hear any problems with his enunciation, but he didn't talk a lot during the appointment.

On his becoming more and more picky about food lately: typical toddler, not to worry. But he drinks a ton of milk (probably over 24 oz/day), so she wants us to try to give him less, and now that he's 2, we can change to skim or 1%--especially because he drinks so much. I'm wary of this based on what I've read (good fat for good brain development), but he does drink a ton, so maybe 1% would be fine. I'm not giving him skim though. She said he gets good fats elsewhere. Yeah, if he ate!

No shots, but he did have to have another finger prick to test for lead and iron. They did that at 12 months also. This one was much worse. He is so strong for his age, the nurse even commented on how strong he was fighting, and he was doing the alligator death roll, and screaming like I've never heard before. I was crying and freaking out too, but trying not to let it show. It felt like it took 5 minutes, with Marty holding his legs and me holding his arms and trying to keep his elbow straight. I thought I'd break his arm by accident! It was horribly awful. You better believe he had his bink in the car after that!

A few days later . . .

He (or maybe just I) was traumatized by the finger prick on Friday so we started Operation Bink Removal on Saturday. When he woke up that morning and wanted to bring the bink downstairs, I just told him. "From now on, binks have to stay in the bed." He protested a little, but was fine. Throughout the day, he'd ask "Bink?" and I'd just shake my head, say no, "Binks stay in the bed now." The only time he really threw a fit was when we were in Lowe's looking at flooring and he was bored with us. Sunday he did great, at one point in the evening, he looked at me and said, "Bink? No." So he got it. This morning when I picked him up out of the crib, he first bent over and placed the bink down on his mattress. I'm so proud of him!! I really thought it would be a battle. Sometimes they surprise you. I was scared to give up the bottle last year, and he did that far easier than we anticipated. I think we were more addicted to the bink than he was!!

The only problem now? He babbled/talked through a show we were trying to watch last night! lol It's amazing what a difference it makes, but it really seems that he is talking more already. Hooray Oliver!!

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