Monday, February 22, 2010

I've redecorated

You like? I think having my new camera has ignited my creative spark and I decided it was time for something new. Let me know what you think. I like using the free backgrounds/banners because I can change them out as the mood strikes.

I really wanted to find a template that would allow me to put larger photos on my blog, but it just wasn't working out right. But you can just click on the photo to see it larger, and all those special people out there with access to our Shutterfly page can find printable images that way.

We had a gorgeous weekend, and spent Sunday morning at the park. It was a little cooler/windier than we expected, so my plans for a fun photo shoot with Oliver in a cute sweater was slightly altered. Now he's in his boring jacket (cute sweater underneath!) and ruddy cheeks. We got some good shots, including some that really need photo editing, but I'm still teaching myself all those tricks. I have so much to learn! I shot most of these in Automatic, because it just takes me too long to figure out Manual with a running toddler. Marty shot all  in Manual though, he's so daring!

Saturday night, reading a book on Dad's lap. I love his feet! 

He loved playing in this area with a little snow amid the grasses blowing in the wind.

I love the light on this one! I have 2 like this, but unfortunately, he's not looking up in either of them. Toddlers!

Walking with purpose, as usual!

Look at those cheeks! Just don't look at the snot!!

My favorite of the day...taken by Dad with the zoom lens.


  1. Love that last pic, Kelly. It's great. And I love the new layout, too. I have another girlfriend with the same template; it's so pretty.

  2. That pic of him "walking with purpose" is priceless!