Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All lined up

I've mentioned Oliver's propensity to line things up before . . . acorns, toys, etc. From what I've read, this behavior is normal for toddlers, so I shouldn't be worrying about obsessive/compulsive disorders or anything. Which is a relief, because I think it's hilarious. His most recent examples, the first 2 are from today, the last from a week ago.

His Little People, animals, and cars...all lined up and facing away from him, even the helicopter is butt out!

The remains of his lunch after he was "all done." It was a taco quesadilla cut in pieces.

The contents of the diaper basket, including wipes and diaper cream.


  1. Agh! I could just eat him up! This is a boy after my own heart.

    You know how every mom thinks her kid is truly the cutest thing ever? I have to tell you, it is a DEAD TIE for me between Oliver and Seth. We make great baby boys, Kel!

  2. That is too funny! So far, Norah is taking after her daddy in this area...and it is a cluttered mess! :(