Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're home! A Photo Update

I have been told that I need to get on here and let everyone know that yes, we are alive and home again in Iowa! Yes, we've been here since July, and I obviously haven't blogged at all. Life has been a bit chaotic, but perhaps things will start settling down soon. So, in an effort to catch everybody up, here's a quick photo update!

First, we had to make the long drive from Connecticut to Iowa, so to make it interesting, we stopped a few times.

 In Gettysburg, where Oliver freaked out at the battlegrounds saying "I don't like it here!" Genetic memory, perhaps? So no good pics, except of us going back to the car. 

 Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, where I got to take a tour while Oliver and Marty (who had been before) entertained themselves. It was amazing. If I had a bucket list, this would be one more thing checked off!

 At Nee-Nee's house, where we played with bubbles, 

 fed the squirrels,

 and picked raspberries!

 To the lake cottage, where we had lots of fun in the sun,

 thought about swimming in the lake, 

 then reconsidered. 

 Of course, we watered the flowers,

 and danced while eating cookies. Twenty-four hours was too short of a visit!

 Next stop was Grandma and Pop-Pop's house, where we played baseball, 

 had long chats with Pop-Pop, 

and played basketball.

And then we went home

 Home, sweet home.

 Where we tackled piles and piles of boxes (this is but a mere fraction).

Best of all, we finally got to play baseball, in our own front yard!

 And we played a lot of baseball.

 The kid has talent, dontcha think?

 We watched baseball too.

 And acted silly for the camera.

 We met back up with old friends. Oliver and Connor love the playground!

 And had our first day of school!

It wasn't all fun. We had our first overnight in the hospital for dehydration from a stomach flu. But he recovered very quickly and wants to go back to the hospital, it was so much fun.

 But mostly we have settled into life here, playing with rocks, 

playing basketball with Daddy (and Mommy, I'm actually quite good!),
and of course, more baseball. Just as I've spent the last 2 years dreaming we would. 
It's good to be home.

So, no, I haven't abandoned the blog, and I hope to post more soon. I want to post some pictures of the house, just as soon as I get it looking better (so maybe in 10 years?). And no fall would be complete without some pictures of a trip to the orchard!! I am currently looking for a full time job, so if you could all keep your fingers crossed that I get a great one, that would be sweet. I hope to have an update on that soon too!! I promise to be back more regularly!


  1. Also yea! Looks like a great trip, great summer and great house. We do miss the blog but since I never got around to having a blog my self understand why you took a break. - LL