Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bragging, part 2

Seriously, this kid amazes me every single day. When he's not driving me crazy, that is!

This time, I have to brag on my little budding artist! I know I have bragged on this before, when I talked about him painting on the computer (in the Paint program, not on the actual computer, phew!). Almost every morning, he asks to "Do paint please!", which is great because it's a nice quiet activity he can do while I watch the news and wake up. Tuesday morning, he said, "Look mommy! I draw a guy!" I look over at the computer, and sure enough, he had!

When I first looked, all he had drawn was the guy on the left, just his eyes, nose, and mouth. Then he told me he needed to add hair, which he did on top, ears, and eyebrows (maybe it was Daddy?), proceeding to add each one as he told me. Then he went on to add the other two "guys" on the right, though I'm not sure what that one on the bottom is doing, or who it is exactly.

The reason I am so excited by this is that it's the first time he's ever drawn anything "real" aside from rainbows, which are really just colored lines. All his art up to this point has been much more, er, abstract. Hey, I love abstraction as much as the next art historian, but to see this advance in his development just makes me smile. You should have seen  how quickly I ran to hit the "save" button on the file before he changed it into a big brown rectangle or something. So now I have a budding artist/archaeologist/architect/engineer/train conductor/map maker on my hands! Have I mentioned the map obsession? That's another post on my to-do list. Love the obsessions of a three year old mind!!

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