Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gift

Want to know one of the worst things about living in a corporate apartment? Not decorating for Christmas. It's seriously depressing. Especially since we are going on year 3 of no decorating (last year we were here too, and the year before Oliver was a baby and we were traveling anyway). All my boxes of decorations are sitting in our basement back home, in the new house we have yet to live in. Isn't my life sad and pitiful? Feel sorry for me yet? Well, don't, because I have a great son and a husband who understands. So the other day, after a bad wind storm, I noticed that a limb had broken off the birch tree out the back window to our apartment. I casually mentioned to Marty how if we were back home, I'd have him cut the limb into sections that I could use to make candle holders. Then I blew it off as impossible because it isn't our tree, and we have no tools here anyway. The next morning, upon returning from his run, Marty told me he was going to do it anyway. He ended up borrowing a saw from our neighbor, and he and Oliver set about on their Project to make Mommy a Christmas gift.

The birch tree, on the far left, as seen from our balcony following a snowstorm last winter.

 Marty sawing, and Oliver observing from a safe distance, at Mommy's insistence.

 Counting the pieces.

 Bringing them inside.

 Waving to Mommy (I was shooting from the balcony).
 Look at his cold red hands!

 Marty presenting me with their gift.

 Aren't they beautiful?

 Counting the pieces (again). 

He enjoyed re-arranging them too.

I know, you're waiting for a photograph of them as candles, all lit up, as a gorgeous centerpiece on our table. That will have to wait until we get back home and have access to the rest of the tools to make the holes for the candles and even out the tops. For now, they are sitting in a box on our balcony drying out.

But this is what I picture, but with a dozen or so, varying heights, all  lined up down the middle of our dining table:

So, it'll be pretty next year, when I'm home, surrounded by all my Christmas decorations. I promise to share pictures then!

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