Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo Friday--Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I know, you think this is sooooo adorable! What a cutie, falling asleep in his high chair while coloring! Right? WRONG!!! He's not always the angel he appears. This was on Mother's Day, 20 minutes after I brought him back downstairs after not napping at all, but babbling, then crying, in his crib for over an hour (the babbling, not the crying). He'd been on a "nap strike" for days, and mommy was not happy about it. He'd been having tantrums all day and needed his sleep! And mommy needed a break on Mother's Day!

So we came downstairs, and after a few minutes more of good tantrums he asked to color. So while he was busy, Marty & I were on the couch looking on his computer at restaurants, trying to decide where to go for my Mother's Day dinner. After a while, I realized he must be really into his coloring, because he was so quiet. When I got up to take him upstairs to change for dinner, I turned around and this is what I found. Yes, I admit, my first thought was "Oh, how adorable!" But my second thought was, "Asleep??? You're asleep??? Now?? But we have to leave for dinner now! Why didn't you nap when you were supposed to?!"

He only slept about 15 hilarious minutes, during which he struggled to keep his big noggin up. He'd lift it up, eyes still closed, but it would just fall right back down again. Yes, we should have gotten it on videotape! Unfortunately, it wasn't a regenerative sleep, except to generate more tantrums, so dinner out was postponed for a night and we dug around in the kitchen for some dinner. Yes, he had an early bedtime. And I am happy to report, the nap strike appears to have ended, as he has slept the past 4 days! Hooray!!

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