Wednesday, March 24, 2010


That's the word that we kept saying when we first contemplated this idea. And the word that numerous people uttered when they heard about it. And what I keep saying to myself over and over again since it's done. What's this all about, you ask? You ready?

Is it crazy to buy a house that you aren't going to live in for over a year, if you already own one that you also don't live in?

'Cause, we just did. !

We didn't do it on purpose, really. It just sort of happened. Marty & I have been looking at houses for years. We're the couple that spends their Sunday afternoon visiting open houses for homes they'll never buy. We had a specific neighborhood that we always wanted to live in, but the houses were usually out of our price range and/or needed a ton of work. While we love our current (Iowa current) neighborhood, the house has its limits. So we figured that after we returned from our jaunt in Connecticut, I'd get a job again, Oliver would go into pre-school, and we'd start serious house hunting. That was the plan.

Since we've been in Connecticut, we'll occasionally watch the local Iowa real estate show that airs on Sunday mornings (the real estate company airs it online). Just to keep our eye on prices, and out of curiosity. A few weeks ago we were watching, and this house came up. We both perked up because it was in the neighborhood we like, was in our price range, and looked nice from the photos they showed. So we looked it up online and read the description. "Wow, it really has everything we want for a great price in that neighborhood," we said, but then quickly added, "Oh well, bad timing."

Maybe it was another week later, and I noticed Marty looking at it on the computer. "You're thinking about that house, aren't you?" So we started talking about it. A lot. We felt like it was an opportunity we couldn't leave alone in this market. So Marty called a friend who kindly visited the open house planned for the next Sunday, just to look it over and see if there were any glaring problems. His report was all good. So then Marty got pre-approved for the financing, booked himself a plane ticket, packed the video camera, and flew to Iowa and back in one day to see the house for himself (and for me, thus the video camera).

After seeing the video, we agreed that we had to at least make an offer and see what happened. I'll spare you the details, but the seller really wasn't interested in negotiating, and so at one point we dropped it completely. Then they came back to us with a floated counteroffer, and in the long run, we met in a place that we were all comfortable with. Marty signed the papers yesterday, and now we are just waiting for the inspections. If all goes well with the inspections, we'll be dual homeowners starting in May!!!

We have a lot of details to work out, but the year actually gives us some time to do some minor fix ups on the new house and the old one to get it ready to go on the market. Oliver and I may spend a little more time in the Midwest this summer, which I know some friends and family there will be happy to hear.

Wanna see?

So yeah, it is a little crazy, but I'm ok with that. Sometimes you need a little crazy to keep life interesting!