Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Successful Haircut!

For Oliver, not for me . . . can someone tell me why I said "Yeah, sure!" when the hairdresser asked me if I wanted bangs while she was doing last minute touch ups at my appointment last week? And they didn't turn out right either....think 1980s and ::shudder:: remember when your hair was "feathered"? Yeah, like that sort of. Time to try a new hairstylist. Have I mentioned how much I miss Janis, my stylist in Cedar Rapids?! Miss you Janis!

But this is about Oliver, finally getting a haircut without a fuss! Hooray! Actually, he did fine for his very first haircut at about 10 months, and then one this summer, but the rest (2-3 others in his short life) have been total freak outs. It was as if he were getting tortured. Yesterday, we found a new place to try, since the previous "kids cuts" type of places we've gone to, while they have all the bells and whistles, didn't seem to have the attitude and patience necessary for dealing with a frightened toddler. The woman at the place we went this time was great. She had a very peaceful demeanor, showed Oliver the clippers "that go vroom like a car" and best of all, gave him 2 combs to play with. Because we must have one for each hand. She put cartoons on the tv, and that was it; he sat quietly and let her do her thing, and even giggled a few times when it tickled. I was thrilled!

So now we are no longer rockin' the old man comb-over, as seen in these photos! It's short, and I think overall it does make him look more like a little boy, and less like a baby...::sniff:: he's growing up!

(Excuse the silliness of the photos...he was not interested in having his picture taken! They aren't the best pictures, I just tried to find a few that showed his hair.)



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